Monday, November 1, 2010

Artist Licensing Event

I'm looking forward to November 5th and 6th when 28 talented artists and friends arrive for our Licensing event!

John Sloan and his wife Maryann, Ellen and Bill Stouffer, Shelly Reeves Smith, Sueellen Ross, Nita Showers, Eric Fausnacht, Rena Askey, Amy Faldet, Sherri Buck Baldwin, Yvonne Moroni, Ned and Melanie Young, Robin Davis, Paula Joerling, Jamey Berger and myself will meet at a local cafe for dinner on Friday night. On Saturday, we welcome the Team from Legacy Publishing, Cathleen and Carlos Llanso as well as the team from Sunset Vista Designs, Philip Wong, Raymond Chan and Angela Reinhardt. We will present portfolios, learn about social media from Robin Davis and have a fabulous day!

This is the first time our entire group will meet in one place at one time! I don't know how we can possibly squeeze any more talent into one room!
Our group formed when I resigned as Creative Director of LANG several years ago. We support each other in licensing, networking and friendship. I can't imagine doing it alone... these are extraordinary, amazing, talented friends!
I can't wait!!! I promise to post lots of pictures from the event!